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What you do today doesn’t matter today

What you do today doesn’t matter today

Everything we wanted is now. Whatever we do, we want to see the result right now. Simple sample.. when we want to loss weight, we jog, run, do a diet plan, go to gym.. weigh everyday if not every other day to see if there is result.. right away.. and if no result within 14 days.. we quit.

We’ll, it’s not the case.

What you today doesn’t matter today.. What you do today, matters tomorrow. It’s like a preparation going to where you wanna go. When playing billiards, you don’t just look to shot one ball but you also need to adjust the force and direction of the strike so the next target is perfectly in the right angle.

Take a lot of patience, remember to do today what you want tomorrow.

Plant trees today, water it, let it grow, harvest tomorrow.
Study today, have a brighter tomorrow.
Save today, when future needs, you have something to take.

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