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The Dreamer and the Worker

dreamer and worker

Once there was a King who want to build a most beautiful palace.
The King approached the Dreamer, “Build for me the most beautiful palace.”

The Dreamer spent many days and nights skethcing beautiful designs of the palace. After several months, the King went to the site where the palace has to be built, but he saw nothing.

“Where is the palce I asked you to build?” the King asked the Dreamer.

The Dreamer handed to the King a think sheaf of beautiful plans and designs. Dismayed, the King replied, “What are these? They are but plans. I need a palace!”

The King sent him away and called for the Worker. When the worker was before him, the King said, “Build a palace for me.”

The worker went to the site and eagerly started to build the palance. He worked day and night, and after a months past it was finished.
The King was notified and he visited the site. However, he was dismayed again to see an ugly structure and dismiss the Worker.

As the Worker walked away from the King, he passed by the Dreamer on the roadside. The two spoke about what had happened to them.

The Dreamer then proposed, “We are useless if we work separately. Let us together build the palace. I shall design the palance and you build it.”

Both of them went back to the site and build the palace, with Dreamer doing the plans while the Worker building. When it was finished, they called the King. It was the most beautiful palace the King had ever seen.

“Who build this?”

“The two of us,” they answered.

“From now on,” The King said, “the two of you must always work together. Dreams without labors are useless, just as labors without dreams are worthless.”

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