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the amulet

A man walked into the City of Hearts. However, to his surprise, all the Hearts were closed and no one opened their door to let him enter.

So the man went to a wise man and asked, “How is it that all Hearts are closed to me? No matter how hard and desperate I knock, the doors do not open.”

The wise man handed the man a white stone and said, “Take this magical amulet with you. With this stone you will be able to open any Heart, even the most stubborn.”

The man took the white stone and went back to the City of Hearts. As he walked down the streets, to his surprise, the doors of many hearts opened and he was invited to enter. He did not even have to knock.
Rejoicing, the man ran to the wise man who gave him the amulet. “This white stone amulet is indeed magical. It can open hearts so easily.”

“Keep it always and no heart can remain closed” the wise man said.

“What is the name of this magical stone?” the man asked.

“Love,” emphatically the wise man answered.

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