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Take A Yoga Break At Your Desk

Take A Yoga Break At Your Desk

If you are really that type of person who sits down or in the office for 8 hours or more a day, this simple yoga trick is good for you!

Just breathe. The breath is a very powerful tool in yoga. “By using a relaxed breath that is slow
and deep we begin to release tension.

Try sitting quietly in your chair, eyes closed, and observe your breath for a few minutes. Is it shallow? Fast or slow?

Concentrate on slowing your breathing down comfortably without forcing it.

Once this breath is mastered it can be used any time or place to relax.

Palming. Eyes tired and strained?

Sitting at your desk, rub the palms of your hands together in a circular motion (you’ll feel your hands become warm) as you inhale.

Elbows resting comfortably on your desk, lean forward, covering your eyes with your palms and slowly exhale.

Visualize any tension in your face melting or floating away. Repeat several times.

Head Movements. To relax your face, neck and shoulders.

Sit in a chair or stand, comfortably relaxed.

Inhale slowly. Exhale as you allow your head to slowly and comfortably move forward, coordinated with the breath.

Inhale slowly as you raise your head.

Exhale and slowly turn your head to one side, without straining.

Inhale and move your head back to center.

Repeat to the other side.

Exhale lowering your head toward your chest

Inhale slowly and raise your head again. Repeat many times.

Forward bend. To stretch out your body try any variation of a forward bend.

First remove your shoes and stand by your desk with feet about shoulder’s width apart. Inhaling slowly, raise your arms overhead, coordinating the movement of your arms with your breath.

Pause. Exhale and slowly bend forward from the waist. If you are very flexible, bend toward the floor (keep knees bent slightly and do not strain or force yourself forward).

Place your hands on your thighs, knees or the floor — whatever is comfortable for you.

Pause. Inhale as you slowly straighten your body, raising your arms overhead.

Pause, exhale and lower arms to your side. Repeat several times. If you are not very flexible, simply bend over toward the top of your desk instead of the floor.

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