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by Gecozo, Alysson, M.

Marco Yambao is a content creator from Cebu, Philippines. His blog is dedicated to giving life to documents about his lifestyle as Chibuano Kini! GEN...

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 Travel Blog /  Cebu / 569 views

by Gecozo, Alysson, M.

Seeking to learn more about Cebuano culture, or wanting to know what to do once you arrive? Cebu Insights is the travel guide for you...

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 Travel Blog /  Cebu / 108 views

by Gecozo, Alysson, M.

This food blog features delicious recipes, restaurant reviews, Pinoy recipes and even branched out to other topics such as cooking stuff, technology, health and wellness,...

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 Food Blog /  Manila area / 121 views

by Gecozo, Alysson, M.

She is a student of life. She loves to read, sing, swim and drink black coffee. Adores the sunset and the sand on her feet....

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 Travel Blog /  Manila area / 119 views

by Gecozo, Alysson, M.

Yummy.ph is the online companion for anyone who loves to cook and eat. Inspiring readers to be creative with their home menus, Yummy features delicious...

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 Food Blog /  Manila area / 101 views

by Gecozo, Alysson, M.

Back in college, I wanted to be called “Zoy” because I thought it sounded cooler. But it was a failed attempt. Everyone still called me...

 Other Local Business /  Davao / 32 views

by jesse

Sa inyong nakita, ang simbolo sa logo sa Basta Bisaya mao ang signal sa pulong nga okay. Isip mga Bisaya, naandan na kita nga mga...

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 Blogs /  Cebu / 68 views

by jesse

While some quit their job to travel the world, this blog's author works full time to save for his travels. The author is a coffee...

 Travel Blog /  Manila area / 717 views

by Jesse

I started blogging in 2010 (in Posterous, which just closed down in 2012), and I still consider myself as a kid back then. Since I...

 Food Blog /  Manila area / 246 views

by ag molde

Apparently, nag-anam na ka wagtang ang pinulungang bisaya ilabi na ang mga laglum nga binisaya. Gamay na lang mga nakahibalo ani ug hangtod mawagtang na...

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 Blogs /  Cebu / 635 views

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