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Patience like that, have you?

Patience like that, have you?

Patience like that, have you?
I am about to buy a cooler for my laptop in CDR-King, a local store who is known for its cheap price for computer and electronic items, because there are lots of people everyday, a customer has to get a priority number and since the purchases are recorded per item manually by sales clerks and it really takes time to wait (I don’t find any reason why the owner did not get any POS system!). 
The number served is 32, I’ve got 80, too long to wait huh! I moved around to see more displays what else useful that I could take home but still my number is far so I decided to get out for about half an hour. When I was back, I noticed this guy who’s number is 67, he’s still standing in front of the clerks waiting for his number to be called. He’s holding a cd safely in his hands, silently observing, never moved a single step to where he originally stood. The number served now is 61 so I decided to stay and wait. Minutes passed by. “Number 67”, the clerk shouted then asked that guy what he wants. He asked for a paper slave for his cd costing 1 Peso! The clerk said, “why didn’t you tell anybody of us that you want to buy a paper slave and so you don’t have to wait that very long?! 
The guy replied a smile.
How many people now a day have that kind of patience? Do you?
Me, I don’t have either, yet I can say, we need to respect that initiatives we take will not take advantage of other people in what so ever manner.

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