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If we learn to take care of our things

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If we learn to take care of our things, They will last a bit longer.

Pub: July 24, 2022

Enjoy every moment

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Enjoy every moment, because in life, there are no rewinds, only flashbacks. Make sure it’s all worth it.

Pub: May 22, 2022

Put some love to yourself

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When everything else lost, when you feel alone, when you feel you have nothing.. don’t despair, put some love to yourself. It’s the greatest love of all!

Pub: May 16, 2022

Cup half full or half empty

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I was once asked if my cup is half full or half empty, I replied, I’m happy I have a cup.

Pub: May 14, 2022

Everyone we meet knows something we don’t

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When we were young, we leave our hometown to go to universities to study, pursue carrier and try to live independently. Our folks always remind us to never be better […]

Pub: April 18, 2022

When life throws in a surprise, take it as a nudge

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We plan, we work smart, we give everyday our best shot. But when life throws in a surprise, take it as a nudge. Pay attention. There’s a lesson there that […]

Pub: April 15, 2022

Roadblock is not necessarily a denial

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A chapter’s end marks the beginning of every new adventure. A roadblock is not necessarily a denial but a redirection. Even a wrong turn gets us to the right place.

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