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Zoy To The World

 Other Local Business / by Gecozo, Alysson, M. / 154 views

Back in college, I wanted to be called “Zoy” because I thought it sounded cooler. But it was a failed attempt. Everyone still called me Enzo. Oh, well. You can’t have everything! I managed to use “Zoy” for my first blog, Zoy Sauce Etc. I thought of a creative tagline: “Adding Flavor to Your Daily Walk with God”. S[Z]oy Sauce. Salt and Light (Matthew 5:13-16). Get it? For this blog’s title, I still hoped to use “Zoy”. So I brainstormed about it, adapted a title of a famous Christmas song, and, voila, Zoy To The World! (Just don’t sing it, okay? I know it will be hard not to.) Some friends now call me “Zoy” due to my first blog. Achievement unlocked! Yahoo!

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DavaoDavao,Philippines https://www.zoytotheworld.com/

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