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Top Coffee Shops We Love to “Tambay”

top coffee shop philippines tambay


top coffee shop philippines tambay

It is almost part of working class or people who are in the offices to have a different ambience than work. Smell the coffee aroma isn’t available at the pantries, so they will go to coffee shops. In the Philippines, coffee shops are a booming business and new coffee shops arise in every office blocks and corner. A quick visit to shops and sipping the favorite coffee gives a quick relief and alertness for the rest of working day.

Here are the list of coffee shops we love to “Tambay”

Bo’s Coffee
UCC Coffee
The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
Seattle’s Best Coffee
Tim Hortons Café and Bakeshop
St. Marc Café
Krispy Kreme
Dunkin Donuts
The Civet Coffee
Abaca Baking Company
10 Dove Street Confectionery
The Dream Coffee

Btw, “Tambay” means to hang out, like vacant hours, breaktime or simply means letting the time pass by. Above list are most common ones and with most spread coffee shops around the country.

I know there are still lot not mentioned above, can you name it? Please comment it below.

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