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The Amulet

the amulet

A man walked into the City of Hearts. However, to his surprise, all the Hearts were closed and no one opened their door to let […]

The Dreamer and the Worker

dreamer and worker

Once there was a King who want to build a most beautiful palace. The King approached the Dreamer, “Build for me the most beautiful palace.” […]

A Humbled Leader

humbled leader

General Hanabishi needed a new captain to lead a regiment of soldiers. He call two of his best officers and asked one of them. “Haruki, […]

Sim Registration for Philippine Telco Subscribers

sim card- registration globe smart dito

Due to Republic Act No. 11934, or the SIM Card Registration Act, requiring all Filipinos to register their SIM cards, everyone must register their sim […]

Track your Parcels from Express Delivery Companies in Philippines

track your parcels delivery express philippines

Everyone moves cargoes, parcels and other items every now and then. These Express Delivery Companies listed serves the Philippine market. Most likely, if you order […]