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Kapehan in Cebuano dialect is a place where you can see lots of coffee like a plantation or the coffee shop.

This site is about coffee quotes, short inspirational stories, fun facts, jokes, trivia and more specially curated for coffee holic people!

Good vibes lang ta dri dapita mga bai! ^_^

And oh btw

Should you need websites, blogs, webapps (inventories, shiptrackers, people managment, etc) and anything online presence and applications for your businesses, maybe I have those. To reach me, please go to contact page.

A Little About Me

I’m certified Bisdak. Coding is my another language next to English (kuno) and Math. I’m shy (uhum, comment disabled para walay mo react). I play guitar using just four chords, I need a singer that can jam with me (ikaw nlay adjust hm). What else.. at the bottom, if you click that box, it links to my socie-profili, if you want to stalk, it just there.